What’s Perfect?

Have you ever been told that you or what you created is perfect? Actually, artists like me tend to be very insecure and view their own creations as far from what is our ideal.  It’s  reassuring to know that any fears and negativism I am experience are covered by God’s overarching love and care. The only perfect  human example  is Jesus Christ.  I can place my fears and cares on Him, the only One who can make  what is imperfect, perfect by his grace and power.

I now have several art mentors to encourage me in my pursuit of artistic & professional excellence.  Today, one of my mentors, Brainard Carey, spoke about artists’ fears of being less than perfect in their craft and careers. But as Salvador Dali notes, “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” So it’s best to just keep doing with practice, production, affirmations and encouragement from those who’ve experienced these insecurities in this creative journey.  Jesus’ perfection is unique and we only need to trust and obey Him and take Him at his Word. LORD may it be so. Amen.

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